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Commit to Organization–But Fool Around With Spontaneity


If you are starting to take control of your finances, you need to commit to organization. No doubt. Get good and hitched. However, there’s something to be said for trusting your gut, spotting unexpected opportunities, and winging it. Enter spontaneity.

Organization and I have kind of a unique relationship.

Organization is pretty decent at keeping the house in order. I leave dishes in the sink too long and slack off on my laundry duties. I tend to be the “make no plans and see what happens” kind of girl. He plans vacations months in advance. He prints off calendar sheets and forces me to carry them around all the time. I lose my keys. He reminds me about “the bowl.” I appreciate him finally getting me on track with my personal finances. He appreciates that I balance it out with a profitable life. He’s the planner. I’m the dreamer.

Overall, organization and I have a healthy back and forth committed relationship. It’s good. It’s solid.

But poor guy. Sometimes, something just snaps and I run off with Spontaneity.

Spontaneity is so flirty and fun. Sure, he gets me into hot water on occasion but it’s usually worth it. Last-minute weekend trips? He’s up for it. Buying an evening gown to go to Medieval Times? He drove me to the mall!

Spontaneity is pretty hot and I can’t seem to give him up.

The Admission

Wanna hear about my latest tryst?

First you need to know that Organization and I have this awesome budget and tracking worksheet. He spent hours on the darn thing and I’ll admit, it’s pretty cool. We also have a workable plan to get out of debt. Now he did concede that it wouldn’t put us in lockdown because he knows me well enough to know that I might just sabotage the plan out of spite. But we do have a plan and we’ve been working pretty diligently together on it. Every dollar has a job and everything is automated. (God bless him for that one. Made me fall in love with him all over again.)

But this week, the plan just wasn’t enough. Spontaneity called and I just lost it. I ran away with him. TWICE!

Tip Yourself®

First, Spontaneity introduced me to Tip Yourself. He’s a cute kid. His jam is to get you to give him your money and he saves it for you. Sure, that’s cool. But the real kicker? Tip Yourself rewards you with little kudos and incentives. That kid has got game! (fans face) Tip Yourself makes you feel like the most clever, positive Lady around. I’ll admit even Spontaneity is a little taken aback on how quickly I attached myself to this handsome stranger.

Commit to Organization with Tip Yourself

I suppose if Organization ever found out, I’d just remind him that I’m saving money. How could he be upset with that? Sure, the $10 withdraws here, $2s there play havoc with our checking account but we can afford it, right? Organization will just have to tolerate it for now. Tip Yourself is here for now and I don’t plan to leave him until I’ve saved up enough for a trip to Hawaii.

Maybe I should just fess up and tell Organization. Maybe he’ll have a way to make sure my little withdraws don’t throw off our system.

Spontaneity didn’t care. He already was lining up my next big affair.


Oh, boy. I think Spontaneity may have drug me into some deep waters this time. I saw what he was doing. Throwing little shreds of temptation my way about investing. He reminded me about how my ex-boyfriend was into it and how prudish I was not to even try it once. Spontaneity throw a naughty little acronym in my face multiple times over the last few days. (He knows I hate not knowing stuff like that.) He knew I’d run straight to figure out what the fuck an ETF was. Hell, he even encouraged me to seek out the advice from a trusted financial Lady friend. He put the full-court press on me all right. In fact, it’s unlike Spontaneity to be so strategic. Maybe he had help.

Last night, I caved. I crawled out the bed I share with Commitment and messed around with Stash .

Commit to Organization with Stash app


And wow, what a great little tumble.

He’s talks to me about complex things in a way that is not patronizing. He’s actually a little bit funny, too. (A Lady likes a guy who can make her giggle.) After just a few minutes of pleasantries, he was whispering in my ear:

“Choose from a selection of ETFs, conveniently named so you can cut through the finance jargon and get to the heart of what each investment stands for.”

Phew. Pretty hot stuff. I loved that Stash was so direct and smart. Within minutes I was investing with enthusiasm. I forked over $25/week without blinking! Me! Investing? I mean. I’m a nice girl from a small rural town. Who knew I’d be dabbling with the likes of Warren Buffet and Feminist Financier! Honestly, I feel a little naughty today, like you do when you wear sexy lingerie under your clothes. (shiver)

Investing is something I was always curious about but never thought I’d do myself. It seemed too risky and painful. But if last night was any indication, I’m so about investing. And a Lady never forgets her first time–so you better treat me right, Stash. My safe word is cherries.

The Condition

These new guys are sexy and smart. Who knows, they might be good for me in the long run. But I am going to give them only 6 months to prove themselves. I’m thankful that I’m in a position to dabble a bit at this point in my life–47 is the new 27. The freedom to experiment is amazingly empowering–which brings me back to Organization.

I’m going to tell him everything. He’s a solid partner and I can’t lose him now. He’s brought me so far. He picked me up when I was carless, jobless, and homeless. He’s been a comfort and he truly does get me. I will simply commit to Organization all over again. He’ll forgive me, just as I’ve forgiven myself. Hell, I don’t know. Organization isn’t all that fuddy-duddy all the time. Maybe he’ll bring Tip Yourself and Stash over for a foursome. Whoa. (Fans face.)

And Spontaneity? Well, he’s never too far away. I just dial him up when I need a little fun.

Isn’t is good to be so bad?

Have you cheated on Organization before? Anyone tangled with Tip Yourself or Stash before? Was it good for you? 




  1. This is the funniest and most creative product post I’ve read ever. Brilliant! I love how FinTech is making doing the right thing–or cheating?—so easy.
    I have never worn an evening gown to Medieval Times. I might be missing out.

    1. Oh, you must! And don’t forget the tiara! All the servants call you “my Queen.” It’s awesome.

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