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Credit Dispute? Fight for Your Right to a Refund


As I write this, I’m sitting in the branch office of my credit union, awaiting my copies of a documents involved in a debit card dispute. I’m wearing a fake smile and a genuine temper. I’m in the middle of an aggravating credit dispute.

Turns out the kicking passengers off of planes isn’t the nefarious thing United airlines is up to. They ripped me off to the tune of $600. Now in all fairness, there may others to blame. Cough, cough, Expedia.

I tried booking flights through Expedia and was told that the transaction failed and to try again. However, charges from United hit my checking account. Since, I never received tickets or an email confirmation of purchase, I filed a dispute through my credit union. They immediately issued a provisional credit as they initiated the investigation. Cool. Months later, and two days before I travel on vacation, I see the credit was reversed and my account is debited the $600. All this with no contact from my credit union. Uncool. I decide to visit in person and they “regret to inform me” that their intervention through VISA (the debit card vendor) had failed and I’m out that cash.

Now it’s up to me to raise all holy hell and fight for my $600 back. I’m going to handle it like a Lady but I WILL get my refund. (I might need the Beastie Boys to get my back though. Nothing screams motivation like a little “Sabotage.” Yes, that’s a thinly veiled threat to United.)

And in the meantime, I caution all my readers to be vigilant and keep tabs on what’s hitting your checking account, even if you have everything automated like I do.

And when it comes to those who try to steal your money, try “nice” first. If after that they don’t cough up your refund, I say get “naughty” on their thievin’ asses.

Any credit dispute horror stories you want to share? Any tips on successful getting a refund? How often do you check your accounts for fraudulent charges? 


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