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#FlashbackFriday: How Uber Saved This Lady’s Ass


This story was originally posted on my first blog site on March 4, 2016. It’s been over a year and a lot has changed.

As way of an update, I now work at that place I interviewed, I have my own car, and keep in touch with the Uber-hero. And yes, I’m still considering driving for Uber for supplemental income! 

March 4, 2016

To catch some of you up on my life, I’ve recently relocated back to southern California. And here’s the kicker. I recently relocated back to southern California with NO car! I KNOW. Blasphemy! Having no car in southern California is the ultimate finger in the face to the capitol of gridlock traffic. However, it is possible to exist here, happily, without a car. There is a public transit system here, albeit not great. There are rental cars available. But, best of all, there is Uber.

I have a new-found fascination with this company. But I’ll save that for another post. Today, I need to document how Uber saved my ass 3 TIMES in one day.

Let me back up and start at the beginning.

Yesterday, I had a job interview in Irvine, about 30 minutes away from where I’m staying. I arranged for a rental car through Priceline. It was only after arriving at the front desk did I realize that I didn’t have the $200 deposit required for the transaction. I had no choice but hop on the bus home and figure out what to do. (This was an important interview and I couldn’t reschedule.)

First, I researched a bus. I figured I’d wear my sneakers (knowing there would undoubtedly be walking involved), bring a change of clothes and just kick back for the what-I-assumed-long ride. However, I discovered if I wanted to make it to the 1pm interview fashionably early, I’d have board my first bus at 9:12am. It was 9:27am. The ride would have taken nearly 3 hours. Bus was out.

My friends had offered me their car but they had already left for work. Shit. My ex-husband would probably have driven me, or lent me his car, but….yeah, no. Not going there. I figured a cab would be astronomical. Then, I remembered Uber! I rushed to open the app and quickly received a fare estimate. Only $22-27! OK! Deal.

Save #1. A lovely lady Uber driver got me to my interview 30 minutes early!

As I was on a roll, I scheduled a date that same night in Huntington Beach (about 20 minutes away.) I got decked out and Uber’ed (is it a verb yet?) down to the restaurant. The driver was very nice, complimented me, and chatted about my date and my new job. He passed me his business card as I stepped out and wished me good luck on my date.

Approximately 25 minutes later, I sneak off to the restroom and text the nice Uber driver, asking if he was nearby and could he come get me as soon as possible. The date was awful.  I was not only very uncomfortable but also a bit scared. The nice Uber driver immediately responded that he was on his way and 5 minutes later I got a text that he was waiting out front. I’ve never been so grateful to see a man in a mini-van in my life.

Save #2. A nice Uber driver rescued me from a very bad date.

I was so weirded out by the date that I was experiencing a fair amount of anxiety. However, within minutes, I found myself laughing and chatting. I realized I was quickly decompressing and asked him if he wanted to stop and get a drink with me. He responded that he couldn’t drink because of “this driving thing” but he quickly agreed and drove to a pub I’ve always wanted to visit. We sat at the bar, me sipping a beer, him a soda. We made friends with the bartender. I was relaxed and had a fun time. He drove me home and didn’t even charge me.

Save #3. The Uber-hero managed to save my entire night.

So, yes, Uber is a great deal. A great deal for both driver and rider. A great deal better than the bus or a taxi. I’m so pleased that I’m seriously considering getting involved… you know, when I get a car!

In a world of digital texts, emails, tweets, and posts, sharing some quality one-on-one analog conversation with live human beings is pretty uber cool to me.

And to the “nice Uber” driver last night, thanks again. You rock…and are kinda cute, too.



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