financial confidence during a rainy day

Financial Confidence During A Rainy Day? Choice Is Yours.


It’s easy to sit back and preach about financial confidence, dumping debt, life planning, savings and all the other positive aspects of personal finance when the bills are paid. But what if the steady stream of paychecks dries up? What happens when that “rainy day” hits? You know, that rainy day you have been saving for. What happens then?

News flash. It recently start raining here in my world and, shockingly, I’m NOT freaking out. And my not freaking out is freaking me out a little.You see, in the past, when work dried up, or left, or was taken from me, I immediately crashed into crisis mode. This was largely due to the facts that I had no savings, no financial know-how, and no vision of my future life. Losing my income was truly a galactic-sized “oh-fuck-shit-damn” freak out.

Accept What Is

This past Thursday, when my latest of year-long writing gig dried up, I assumed sleepless nights and anxiety-ridden days. Instead, I graciously accepted the fact it was time for something new. I felt confident that I’d find work, and even better, I felt confident that I’d find work more strategically aligned with my life goals. The various savings accounts I had labeled for vacation, taxes, emergencies were there and I knew I could tap into them if needed. I had already paid for my upcoming vacations. My trusted friends and financial advisor were only a call away.

That response was unprecedented.

Now, beyond the usual tasks of updating my resume and activating my network for leads, I wonder how this new attitude-this fresh confidence-came to be. How did this abundance mindset sneakingly replace my lifetime legacy of scarcity beliefs?

Just Keep On Keeping On

Truth is, I’m not really sure. I think it has a lot to do with gratitude for what you have now, learning from past mistakes, and integrating your money with your vision of the future. I suspect opening my mind to new possibilities and pushing behaviors into new territories is behind it somehow as well.

All I do know is that I’m super thankful for this newest opportunity to live the life I want. And for now, that’s continuing to write…only for now, I’m writing braless, barefoot, and ass-on-sofa. How freakin’ cool is that?!?!



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