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Establish Your Own Brand of Financial Motivation


I’m sure you are familiar with the “stick and carrot” philosophy of motivation. Have you consider it for financial motivation?

Find What Motivates You

Funny thing about motivation. It’s damn tricky. It’s highly personal, highly subjective. What motivates you might not motivate me. What is exciting to me might bore you to tears. We all need to find ways to motivate ourselves, especially for the tasks we find particularly mundane or unpleasant.

I’ve been spending some time contemplating what motivates me. What helps drive me forward, propels me to take a difficult step? What makes me tick?

Try Multiple Incentives

When it comes to my ongoing struggle with living a profitable life, I’ve come to realize that one big carrot, dangling just out of reach, isn’t going to cut it.

I mean, what would that big carrot be? Financial security? That’s freaking too abstract. A big wad of cash in savings? Eh. Whatevs. Pride and self-esteem? HAHAHAHA, no. In truth, I can’t think of one singular thing that is tempting enough to push me through the daily muck of managing my own finances.

financial motivation

But what if it was a series of smaller carrots? And what if I could actually grab them and enjoy them? And what if the carrots never stopped coming?

For me, motivation is not taunting myself with the promise of a far-off meal. It’s more of an appropriately paced conveyor belt of yummy treats.

So now I’m working hard on brainstorming what these smaller, more bite-sized rewards would be. A new dress? A girls weekend away? A gift for a friend? New artwork for my bedroom? A diamond tiara? (WHAT?!? Come on! There are no bad ideas in brainstorming!)

I’ve decided to be positive. Debt will be a thing of the past. My cabin in the woods is lovely. I will get everything I want. I live a profitable life.

Quite possibly, I will munch a lot of carrots on the way.


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