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Financial Stress Got You Down? Go Fishing


We all spend time much time suffering from financial stress. Too. Much. Time. So let’s focus on something far more fun. Free money.

Have you ever received an unexpected check in the mail? Maybe from an overpayment or a class action suit? Maybe a referral bonus or rebate? Free cash is fun. Fun, and often timely. Unexpected income has saved me many times over the years and I have thought little of it….until now.

Switch Worry to Wonder

I’ve been listening to the audiobook The Secret to Attracting Money by Dr. Joe Vitale. In Chapter 3, he encourages you to adopt a mindset to “expect success.” He encourages a shift in thinking from worrying about where money will come from to one of wondering where it will come from. He says to “expect money to come into your life. Your mind starts to look for the evidence to support this new reality. So when you believe or expect that money is coming to you in unexpected ways, you start looking for it.”

I gave Dr. Vitale’s idea a shot. I started out my daily commute with a simple question; “I wonder where money will come from today?”

Fish for Funds

Amazingly, in the time that I’ve done that I have received unexpected income. One was a refund from an old credit card. One was a small lotto winning. Those were nice. And I was grateful. But I think the true genius is Vitale’s belief is that part about starting to look for unexpected money. As a result, at least for me, I started creating new opportunities for new income. I wondered, I expected, I made it happen.

Personally, I call it “fishing.” These are little attempts to start something new. I don’t spend too much time or energy on them. I don’t let myself stress or worry. Throw out a few lines, sit back, and see if anything hits.

Reel It In

As a result of some recent “fishing,” I have found a couple of interesting ways to make a few extra bucks. I also have been invited to submit a proposal to author a new book. I’m putting out a few resumes to see if my dream job is out there waiting for me.

If I land the big one, a solid opportunity, I guess I’ll handle it with an expectant mindset and laid-back approach.

Finances are important but life is short. Try not to worry. Try to wonder.


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