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Talking to Your Kids About Money: Kids Talk Take 5

It’s the fifth edition of Kids Talk. The Lady in the Black is back talking to her own kid about careers, taxes, and retirement.

Kids Talk is meant to inspire parents to talk to their kids about financial matters.

Children process all of your comments and behaviors about money–even when you don’t think they are paying attention. Consider having unscheduled but regular discussions or even simple interviews with your children to assess their understanding of personal finances and the areas where their understanding might need a little “course correction.”

As parents, one of the best investments you can make for your child’s future success is their financial literacy. There are many resources out there to facilitate financial literacy. Check out previous episodes of Kids Talk and these financial literacy resources.

Talking To Your Kids About Money: Take 5

As context for this post, I’ve been sick for the last 2-3 days. My poor kid has been relegated to spending lots of “quality time” with me in bed; reading, playing video games, etc.

Tonight, we did something pretty kick ass. We read the Bitches Get Riches’ article titled The Economic Strategies of Disney Princesses. (Yes, I edited to the PG version and paraphrased some of the more “delicate” content.) The article is GENIUS and it spurred my 9-year old daughter to ask if we could do our next episode of Kids Talk. How could I refuse?

Oh, and I wholly blame the Bitches Get Riches for the extra dose of sass.

At 9 years old, you have about 7-10 years before you get your first job. What would be a great first job for you?

Hmmm. I would like to be an artist but for an artist you don’t get a lot of money. And you gotta make those money stacks fly, fly, fly.

money stacks

Haha! What job can a 16-year old girl do to make the money stacks fly?

Well, working at a pizza shop would be good but then I’d be making dough fly.

Did you know some people call money “dough”?

No, did you?

Yup. [pause, rethink] How much money do you think an artist could make in a whole year?

If you are famous, like the guy who made the picture of the woman smiling…

You mean Leonardo DaVinci?

Ya, that dude. He could make….I’m estimating here….probably around drillions a year.

That guy has been dead for a really long time. How about someone who’s famous for art today?

Lady Gaga! She makes music kinda art. Since she’s pretty famous. She’d make about a thousand million.

Cool. Back to you being an artist. If you could make enough to pay your bills but not be rich, would you still want to be an artist?

Well, I see what you are saying. But if being an artist failed, I would probably do something with animals.

Like what?

Like working in an adoption center.

Oh, that sounds great. How much do you think you might make an hour working at an animal shelter?


Nice. Do you know who makes more money; a football player, a teacher, or a doctor?

Between those 3, I’d say a football player or a doctor.

Does it seem fair that a teacher, who educates our country’s children, makes the least?

[deep thinking] No, because they are sitting in a classroom for a whole day waiting for freedom when it is the children’s recess or lunch.

[silent giggle] Ok, fair enough. How do I make money?

You work at a writer’s job, you write.

That’s correct. How much do you think I make an hour?


You are right! That’s exactly how much I make! Did you know that or did you guess?

I had a lucky guess.

What do you know about taxes?

Taxes are when…I don’t know.

Remember how I explained that each person in the country pays money that is used to help other people?


Do you remember going to the IRS office with me to sort out my tax problems?


Why does mommy have a tax mess?

I don’t know.

When do you think mommy should retire? At what age?

At least 79.

[spit take] Ok. How old will I be when you think I’ll die?

I hope that time never comes but it will happen one day. You are in pretty good health so maybe 90.

So, that means I’ll be retired, and not working, for 11 years. How will I pay the bills?

You won’t pay your bills. I’ll pay your bills.

Awwwww. I love you very much but you’ll probably have your own family to take care of.

Yes, and you are part of my family, too.

Well, thank you, little one. But I’m planning on saving up lots of money so I can take care of myself…and pay for lots and lots of visits to see you. How much money should I save for retirement?

Well, you spent at least $100 on groceries…[mental math]. About billions.

about billions

Dang, girl. Billions? How am I going to save THAT much money?

By being awesome.

That’s the plan. You are pretty awesome, too. I love you.

I love you, too.




  1. This is my favorite so far. I loved how your little girl takes the responsibility for your old-age wellbeing. It is good to know that even if there will be no need for that she is there for you as plan B. 🙂
    I love these series, it reflects pure innocent honesty which our adult posts most of the times just cannot provide. We are too much grown ups to see the world as a kid, I envy this the most.
    You inspired me so I tested the waters with my four year old girl. I blame it on her young age but after a couple of questions she got annoyed and ended the conversation with “stop questioning me, leave me alone”. However I got to know that she defines money as those little round metal pieces and they are like a lollypop 😀
    Thanks for sharing and cannot wait for the next episode 🙂

    1. Ha! The younger the better their answers! Trying starting with conversations about value and priority. I’m glad I inspired you to start the conversations. Thanks for commenting!

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