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Welcome to the third episode of The Lady in the Black’s Kids Talk series. Take 3 offers a welcome departure from my usual female slant by featuring a strong male perspective. 

It’s a struggle for many parents to keep up with their own busy schedules. Add in all the hours invested in helping with their kids’ homework and juggling extracurricular activities and parents have every reason for a little downtime. I get it. I really do.

However, there is another responsibility we parents need to own and one that often gets neglected; financial literacy.

In an attempt to produce a more competitive workforce, our country’s school systems seem to have foregone a well-rounded curriculum in favor for improved test scores in English and Math. Regardless of your opinion of our current education system, I think we could all agree that very few of us learned about money, budgets, and banking at school. Most likely, we learned from parents and family members. Some of us learned through positive role-modeling and active education, others may have picked up important financial lessons through negative experiences (which was my story.)

If you aren’t sure about how to go about initiating conversations about finances with your family, check this post or visit There are also many personal finance bloggers who may be able to share their insights as well. Check the RockStar Finance directory for personal finance bloggers specializing in family finances.

Regardless of your past or current financial situation, don’t you think it’s worth talking to kids about money? Especially your own kids? Talking to kids about money is important–and super entertaining.

Talking To Your Kids About Money: Take 3

Kids Talk Take 3 comes in as another double-feature (similar to Kids Talk Take 2) but this time the two children are brothers. More specifically, they are the sons of one of my favorite bloggers, aptly named MySonsFather.

Although I value his perspectives on personal finances, it’s his transparent love for his children that is so appealing. He claims his blog as a sort of legacy of love for his sons; a destination where they can later visit to gain more insights about the father. When you read how precious his sons are, you’ll see why MSF’s “100 Things To Do Before I Die” list stops at 26. He’s obviously saving room for all the adventures that are sure to present themselves over the years.

Recently, his sons hijacked his blog with such entertaining effect that I’m super honored to have them hijack this one as well.

talking to kids about money

6-Year-Old Son Interview

MySonsFather has this to say about his youngest: “My youngest is cautious, determined, and thoughtful. He can quietly play for hours and seems to enjoy his own company. He is quirky at his most comfortable with a very creative and imaginative personality.”

What is money?

It’s things that you can spend with and it’s things that you can earn stuff with.

How do you get money?

Hmm…by doing chores and stuff like that….like by helping your mommy and daddy do stuff.

What kind of stuff?

Ummmm…stuff that they do but…ummm you do it sometimes.

What do you plan on doing to earn money when you are older?

Make money when I’m older or spend money?

Make Money?

Put money in my bank account.

How are you going to earn it, to put it in your bank account?

Hmmmm…I don’t know.

What kind of job do you want when you’re older?

Video game designer

How are you going to spend money when you are older?

How will I spend money when I’m older? Older? [long pause] I’ll spend it wisely and I’ll spend it for stuff I don’t have. Like I’ll spend it for a house or maybe a phone, stuff like that, an iPad would be best.

How much money do you think you’ll earn by doing that?


What is a lot of money?


What would you do with $200?

I would spend it for a phone.

What should people do with money?

Make choices wisely with it.

What would be a wise choice?

Saving up your money for college and saving it up for ipad/phones…stuff like that.

What should I do with my money?

Buy an ipad.

What is interest?

It gives you more money to your bank account.


I don’t know.

What is investing?

Is it being scientific stuff, doing scientific stuff?

Like what?

Discovering stuff.

talking to kids about money

8-Year-Old Interview

“My oldest has yet to meet a risk he won’t take. He values relationships and interactions above all else. When he’s not too busy being the class clown, he excels academically. He’s sensitive, generous, and caring.”

What is money?

It’s something that you can buy stuff with and is helpful.

How do you get money?

By working or sometimes on your birthday.

What do you plan on doing to earn money when you are older?


How about when you’re an adult?

Get a job that gives you lots of money.

How much money do you think you’ll earn at your job?

$200 something 

How are you going to spend money when you are older?

On important things like a car or a house.

What is a lot of money?


What would you do with $1000?

I would buy stuff for my children.

What kind of stuff?

Toys and cars and toy cars.

What should people do with money?

Save it for stuff.

What kind of stuff?


What should I do with my money?

A new car.

What is interest?

I’ve heard of the word, but I don’t know what it is. 

What do you think it is?


What is investing?

I don’t really know, but if I had to guess, I’d say saving up money.




  1. I had forgotten what they had said and it put a big smile on my face to read it again! Thank you for all the kinds words, I hope your readers get as much of a kick out of their responses as I did!

    1. They are just adorable. Thank you for sharing your boys with Kids Talk. I definitely want to have them participate again!

  2. This is awesome! I totally want to ask these questions to my kids and see their responses over time.

    I wouldn’t get much out of the 2 month old but I could get some good stuff out of the 2.5 year old! ;P

    1. If you interview your kid, make sure to type EXACTLY what they say. That’s the magic of these. Send it in and I’ll post it in KidsTalk. I’m going to start switching gears to blending in questions about jobs and careers soon, too. Thanks for you nice comment. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. This is great stuff! Sounds like they are off to a great start. I’d love to ask these same questions to them every few years and see how their answers change over time. I love how you guys are changing the way children view money LITB and MSF. A little financial education will go a long way!

    1. Thanks for such a nice comment. I think KidsTalk is all about making it easy and fun to talk to kids about money. I’m glad you enjoy the series!

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