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Personal Finances for Women: The Lady’s Room, Visit 1

Welcome to the inaugural post of The Lady in the Black’s Lady’s Room series dedicated to personal finances for women. While the conversations are not inherently feminine, they are decidedly female perspectives on matters of money, motherhood, matrimony, and other “m” words I can’t think right now. And in The Lady’s usual style, all questions are phrased within the context of “classy” and “sassy” to keep things really interesting.

The Lady’s Room, Visit 1

To set the tone and solidify the theme of this monthly series, all the entries are from females with “Lady” in their blog name or Twitter handle. Future posts will be open to any female, regardless of name. I encourage you to contact me here if you are interested in participating.Also, consider joining The Lady’s Room page on Facebook.
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personal finances for women

The Questions

1. What is the classiest thing you can imagine doing with your money?

2. What is the sassiest piece of advice you could offer to other ladies struggling with personal finances?

personal finances for women

The Answers

The Lady in the Black

The Lady in the Black

California, USA
By day, she’s a freelance marketing copywriter and divorced mom. By night, she’s a classy and sassy personal finance blogger. She blends personal growth with personal finances all in pursuit of what she calls a profitable life. Beyond The Lady’s Room series, she also has a series called Kids Talk which is dedicated to helping parents improve their children’s financial literacy. 


If I was ever in a position to have an obscene amount of money, I would create a foundation to establish wildlife preserves and “forever wild” environmental sanctuaries on each continent. I was born and raised in the Adirondack Park, the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous U.S. Once I left the area, it became (and continues to be) emotionally difficult to witness the continued disregard to protect open spaces. Humans should be stewards of nature, not it’s executioner. Even without a bazallion dollars, I still do what I can to reuse, recycle, and live gently on this planet. I volunteer at my daughter’s science lab each week to help promote the beauty of science and nature to the younger generation.


The sassiest piece of advice I could offer anyone struggling with their personal finances: pull up your big-girl panties and own your shit. Forgive yourself and work toward your dreams. No one is going to come along and save you. Money won’t fall from the sky. Your financial success is your responsibility. Put the past behind you, appreciate today, and make baby steps toward your goals. There is a power in confidence. There is empowerment in the effort. And as RuPaul loves to say “you better work it girl.”
The Lady on a Budget

The Lady On A Budget

Nairobi, KENYA
As a member of the Bloggers Association of Kenya, The Lady On A Budget is helping Millennials understand money management, have a good life and still be money smart. She’s grateful to share her opinions and experiences about various issues and hopes to inspire others.


The classiest thing I would imagine doing with my money: I would set aside a trust fund for my future kids so they can have a bright future. Then start a private equity firm. I would also start a foundation to educate African women. Oh also build a finishing school in Africa.


The sassiest piece of advice I could offer other ladies struggling with personal finances: I would advice them to live within their means. If you can’t afford it, leave it; you do not need it. They should learn to make a financial plan to help then live within what they can afford. Learn to save a portion of your income and invest in it. The advantage with us young people is that compounding interest is on your side 🙂

Florida, USA

Nicole from Budget Like A Lady actually knows a thing or two about personal finances thanks to her MBA in personal finances. She is a busy wife and mother who has come through her fair share of financial struggle and debt. She encourages her readers to stop feeling overwhelmed and to start focusing on things that matter most to us like family.


The classiest thing I can imagine doing with money is to give to charity. I like to help others in need and I get a great sense of joy doing it. I am not rich by any means but I know that every little bit helps. But if I hit the lotto tomorrow, I would still give to charity but I will be dropping off the check in a fully-paid 2-door convertible.


The sassiest piece of advice I can give to other ladies struggling with their finances is to do the work to reach your financial goals whether it be to get out of debt or save an emergency fund. Make the commitment to yourself and follow through with discipline. It may seem overwhelming and never-ending but ignoring the problem will not help your finances. We are women, we are strong and we face many challenges everyday so I know that we can take control of our money.

Money Tree Man

Money Tree Lady


Money Tree Lady  co-founded with her partner in crime Money Tree Man. They are on a mission to dissolve lies like ‘you will be working till you’re seventy’, ‘you’ll be dependent on a pay cheque for the rest of your life’ and ‘Millennials won’t buy a house till they’re 40!”.


Society today proposes the ideas that to be classy you need to be “surrounded by beautiful things” and “live an ‘instagramable’ lifestyle”. This lifestyle leaves people with credit card bills and a mountain of uncontrollable debt, two things you and I know are not classy! I’m here to propose to you that the classiest thing I believe you can do with your money is not spending it – but saving.

First things first, you need to figure out your financial goals. Start small with a place you have always wanted to go on holiday – then think bigger – do you want to buy a house? Do you want to be working till your 70 or do you want to retire early? Once you have a goal in mind use this as your motivation to save, there is nothing classier than someone with long term goals that knows exactly what they want.


If you’re struggling with personal finance, by simply reading this blog, you’re already one step ahead of the game!

The solution to your difficulty starts by working out the problem. We’re not just talking the ‘surface problem’ but dig deeper to the root cause of it. If you can’t see it yourself, I always find close friends or family are a good mirror and they might be able to tell you where you’re going wrong. Then you need to educate yourself on the best way out of it; whether its reading more blogs, connecting with online financial communities, having a chat with the people around you or going straight to the bank to talk with one of their advisers – these are all positive steps in the right direction. The final most crucial step is change, this is where you can let your inner sass come out and tell your money where to go. You need to act on what you have learned, correcting the (bad) habits that got you into this financial situation. Remember who’s in charge, you are the boss of your finances, don’t let your money be the boss of you!

What are your answers to these two questions? (Go ahead, answer in your head. I’ll wait.) Anyone have any additional “sassy” advice for our readers? Comments are welcomed!  

personal finances for women



  1. Varied advice for all the different people out there – but with a solid sensible foundation 🙂 And I love your graphic! Our planet could do with a lot more love <3

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