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Drugstore Loyalty Programs. Show Me The Money!


This Lady believes not all loyalty programs are created equal. One loyalty program I LOVE is CVS ExtraCare.       #savings   #loveCVS     @TheLITB

Now, while I cringe that every purchase generates a receipt as long as your arm but it’s often worth it for the coupons that are attached. They also have a pretty kick-ass mobile app that you can use to refill prescriptions, view special offers, scan your ExtraCare number (as opposed to the keychain tag.)

Want to know how I consistently save EVERY TIME I shop at CVS?

  1. Bring your paper coupons. Today, I didn’t have any but I generally keep them either on my kitchen counter in plain sight or in the ID slot of my wallet (NOT hidden in the billfold area.)
  2. Scan your keychain tag at the in-store coupon center. I LOVE this thing! I never know what savings are going to spit out. It’s like a slot machine of savings! (OK, maybe not but it’s still pretty damn cool.)
  3. View the coupons right away and hold onto only the coupons that apply to things you intended to shop for or may be good to stock up on. Put the rest in your pocket. Go get those couponed items and anything you came in for that might not be covered.
  4. Stroll the aisles. I always discover some remarkable deal. (The boxes of cereal were on sale for $1.88!) Practice a bit of discipline and don’t cave into random impulse. Unless it’s on-sale jelly beans….because damn…jelly beans. ‘Nuf said.
  5. Be a loyal customer. I’m a CVS girl. My BFF is RiteAid girl. I’m sure the programs are similar but the more you spend at a one place, the more you get back. (Today’s “slot machine” of savings spit out $12 of ExtraBucks, which is free money.)
  6. Practice gratitude. Every time I save at this level, I thank the clerk behind the counter and usually make some comment that could be easily overhead by the people in line behind me. Today, I exclaimed “I saved 72%!” I figure it’s good karma and might inspire others to save money for themselves.

Here’s the actual receipt and how everything broken down.



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