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Need to Make Money Fast? 10 Tricks to Try


We all wrestle  through periods of time when things get tight and we need to make money fast. It’s an exhausting endeavor to expend extra effort just to see the resulting extra cash fly out the door. But making money doesn’t always mean earning more money, it could be saving cash from other areas in your life. Don’t let financial anxiety paralyze you. Get creative and get those bills paid.


Mix and Match Tips on How to Make Money Fast

The Old Jar Trick

In the  Huffington Post article titled 27 Sneaky Ways to Save $100s a Month, it is suggested that “the old standby of saving all your change in a jar? It works. Sure, it might be only $10 a month, but that’s $120 a year that might otherwise have ended up in vending machines or those “take a penny, leave a penny” dishes.

The New Fangled Way

A quick search of the Apple app store revealed lots of automated saving apps. I don’t have any direct experience but I found a good article that outlines the pros, cons, and associated fees with each of these apps. Some featured in the article include Digit, Chime, and Clarity Money.

Automated Savings Account

I use Capital One 360. I designate individual savings account to various life goals and schedule automated deposits from my checking account. The accounts are interest bearing, no fees, no minimums. “Set it and forget it.” Easy peasy.

Negotiate Lower Rates On Your Credit Cards

If you are in good standing with your credit card vendor, you might try calling to re-negotiate your interest rate. In fact, research from found that “while relatively few ask, more than 3 in 4 cardholders who ask for a lower interest rate get it.” It you feel you need guidance on what exactly to say, you could follow this scripted phone conversation from the same article.

Cut the Cable

I cut cable years ago mainly because it was too expensive. Guess what? I never went back. Somehow I manage to survive modern society with a ROKU device and a Netflix subscription. Total monthly cost? $9.99 for 2 screens + HD.


Selling some unused stuff is a quick and easy way to make some extra money fast. Why not use this challenge as a perfect excuse to clean out the closets, garage, basement, etc? I’ve used the LetGo app with great success in the past. Very simple to use. Close5 is another sales app I’ve used.

Lemonade Stand

You think I’m kidding but I’m not. If you have kids, use this challenge as an opportunity to remind them of the value of a hard earned buck. When my daughter recently mentioned Hawaii as a possible summer vacation destination, I told her that would take lots of savings. Sweetheart that she is offered up her allowance and piggy bank.


If you are comfortable asking your friends and family to help out, you could always start a GoFundMe campaign. Recently, I used the platform to raise over $2,000 for a friend’s father to be able to join him on his religious pilgrimage journey to Lourdes, France. Fair warning. The GoFundMe service does charge fees. Do your research first to determine if it’s worth it.

Go Green

Can you save some weekly gas money by taking public transit? Walking? Biking? Working from home a few days in the month? Don’t worry, your car will understand.

More Ideas

Those are only a few ideas that sprang to mind. There are plenty of helpful resources out there. One of my favorite sites to visit on this topic is The Penny Hoarder. It’s a great blog that has had great success.

What are other ways to make extra money fast? What have you done in the past to earn extra income? Any additional tips you’d like to share? Comment below. 


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