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5 Ways To Free Up Time (to Make More Money)


If time is money then investing more time on your finances should make more money. Too busy, you say? Not enough hours in the day? Here are a few tips that I’m currently employing to free up some valuable time.

Tips to Free Up Time (to Make More Money)

Give Social Media A Break

Social media is a time suck. A HUGE time suck. The average American online spends over 3 HOURS a day on social media. That’s insane! That equates to over 6 weeks a year you could be doing something else more profitable. I promise you, after a week of withdraw, you’ll be amazed how much more free time you have. Life is in front of you. Not on your phone.

Unsubscribe Ruthlessly

Every time you receive an email that is junk or unwanted, take the few extra minutes to unsubscribe. Be vigilant. Be ruthless. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to manage emails (and stay on task) when everything in your Inbox is important and relevant. Oh, and if you aren’t on the Do Not Call list, you should be.

Automate Your Life

I could talk volumes about this (and likely will in the future) but try scheduling all of your regular monthly bills via a reliable bill pay system. Automate savings deposit as well, which is a super effective way to save money. (I’m a big fan of Capital One 360.) The time worry about or scrambling to pay your bills is largely eliminated.

Use Your Commute

With my recent separation from Facebook, I occasionally find myself craving connection with my friends. I talk to them on the phone during my daily commute. I also listen to podcasts or audiobooks about money.  My commute becomes a fun time as opposed to a waste of time. It also frees up at-home time for working on my various money-making schemes, ummm, projects.

Get Up Early

Nope. I don’t do this. Never have. Never will. I simply enjoy sleeping far too much. But I hear from close friends that it is a wonderful “quiet” time to be productive.

Do you have any time-saving tips to share? What time of day are you more likely to be able to focus on entrepreneurial efforts? Can you convert “down time” into productive time?


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