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Ladystaches, Spreadsheets, and Mindfulness


It seemed a normal day, reluctantly dragging myself out of bed and then hastily getting ready for work. But this morning I was stopped dead in my tracks. I was stopped by the phenomenon that is the ladystache.

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about, right?

That unwanted darkening of the hair on your upper lip. That extra “hint” of shadow that is somewhat obscured with the deepening of that crescent crease some of the more gentle folk call laugh lines. Today, I was stopped by my own reflection in the mirror and my own pondering of the role of testosterone in a female body…and the continuing role of hair on humans. As I was debating the wonder of human physiology, it occurred to me that later today I would have my first class in an 8-week stress reduction program. Perhaps, just perhaps, I shouldn’t be thinking so much. Stop contemplating hormones and evolution, I told myself. Just suck it up and pluck.

And so I did. And off I went.

Later in the afternoon, I finally felt motivated to spreadsheet out my monthly expenses and income. This was a decidedly horrific chore for me (and for many of you as well, I imagine.) I came up with some decidedly upside-down math. No wonder I am broke, I huffed. Yet I felt somehow proud that I took the initiative to try to sort it out.

Then, I discovered a simple Excel formula mistake. In the span of a microsecond, the math flipped to the positive and by all accounts, I should be rolling in dough. I pondered and pondered again and, for this, for money matters, my brain is at a loss. (How can a girl pass calculus but can’t do a monthly budget?)

Next, after work, I go off to my first stress reduction class. It went pretty much as expected. Instructors sitting on floor cushions perched atop woven Indian rugs. Dozens of self-admittedly anxious and stress-out attendees trying some first-night breathing meditations and a few mindfulness exercises. It was groovy. I can really see myself excelling at the whole vibe if it weren’t for the fact I was stressing the whole time about how to pay for the class.

So now, with the day behind me, I sit “mindful” of the fact that I am now old enough to have overactive hair follicles on my face, poor enough to have to eat freezer burned chicken nuggets for dinner, and wise enough to know that life is still pretty amazing.

I breathe in. I breathe out.

I wake up every day. I do good work. I give back. I try to be kind. I have a remarkable child. I have astonishing friends. I have my health. I have my strength. I have my intelligence.

I breathe in. I breathe out.

What exercises do you have to help you stay in the present moment? How can mindfulness improve your financial health? Do you pluck or die that ladystache? 


Note: This article was originally published on a previously blog site on September 10, 2014.


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