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The 3 Most Profitable Things I Did This Week: The Lady’s Animated Memoir


It’s funny what happens when you apply some basic rules of profitability to your life. The steps are still evolving, or more accurately, emerging for me. Yet these guardrails for life are truly helping me for more positive, more joyful, and more hopeful than I’ve been in a long time. I thought I’d share this week’s most profitable achievements. 

Honestly, I’ve been so busy lately that there are so many profitable things for this week so I skinnied it down to three. (Hey, at least something is getting skinny around here!) Oh, and I added GIFs. Because….well, because I just figured out how to do it and it’s fun and it’s Friday and Friday’s should be fun.

The 3 Most Profitable Things

Week Ending June 9, 2017

Nice dream, Homer.

Number 1: I Dreamed.

As part of my Profitable Life Roadmap series, I recently post about the method I use to reverse engineer my dream life. Now the method is interesting in its own right, I believe.

However, it was the first bit that really was the big and best ah-ha of the week. I transported all my senses to a time about 10 years into the future. I allowed my imagination to truly live in that moment, taking in every sensation, every sound, every emotion. I felt the warmth of the mug in my hand, I heard his exact tone of voice call to me, I felt the water on my skin. I let myself live my dream. And then….I WROTE THAT SHIT DOWN.

The combination of the two, the meditation and the documentation, somehow formalized my dream. It made it visceral and real. That 15-minutes of a future life is enough to bring both a smile to my lips and tears to my eyes. That 15 minutes lives in me and drives me forward to achieve it. Hands down, the best and most profitable thing I did all week.

If you aren’t convinced that dreams are important to your finances, I strongly suggest you get some fresh perspectives or six on the subject of dreams and money.

Mine are better.

Number 2: I Networked.

As an introvert, this can be a bit of a obstacle. I overcome it on a daily basis but reaching out to strangers and making new friends is awkward. But I did it this week in spades.

I Networked for Friendship

At work, I tried to make a new friend. She’s a sassy and skilled woman (and mom). I went out of my way to compliment all her hard work and even suggested to her supervisors that she be rewarded. I’m hoping her friendship will help me feel a bit more comfortable there so I can keep that well-paying gig.

I Networked for Collaboration

I also initiated a collaborative post with my fellow personal finance bloggers. This might be seen as a bit brash by some in that I’m a new player in this community. However, since the success of this blog factors strongly into my profitable life, both now and in the future, I wanted to shed my dowdy “I’ll be in the corner” frock and don the sexy “wanna dance” hot pants. (Of course, this is a metaphor. I’m too old for hot pants.) The post launched yesterday with much fanfare. The biggest and best thing about it? How much I was inspired by everyone’s perspective, enthusiasm, and willingness to share.

I Networked for Knowledge

In visualizing my dream life, I saw a boat. Not just a boat, mind you. A HackerCraft. (Click link for a visual.) For those of you not familiar with these amazing hard-crafted pieces of floating masterpieces, I’ll just say trust me. They are dream-worthy. But in all honesty, I know very little about them. I’ve seen them in real life but had no idea of their cost, resale, etc. So I joined a Facebook group of HackerCraft fans. I lurked for a bit, commenting minimally. A bit of liquid courage provoked me to write the follow message on their page.

“So, this is a very strange question. But here it goes. (Nothing ventured, nothing gained.)

I have a life dream to own a HackerCraft. Every time I see one (even in a photo), my heart says “yes, get that for me.” I have no money (right now) nor a place to put a boat. But I’m working on a 10-year plan and am curious on some out-of-the-box ideas on how to achieve my dream. Obviously, a ballpark figure for buying one would be a good place to start. (Used is totally OK by me.) Networking is good too, right?

I grew up on Lake George and WILL eventually have my beautiful HackerCraft nestled nicely in my boathouse. It’s a lofty goal….so I’m starting early. Thoughts? Help? Advice? Donations?”

The response was impressive and a bit overwhelming. Three very nice gentlemen offered me very detailed suggestions on how and where I could begin to pursue this dream boat of mine. How great, right? One aspect of my dream life just got a bit more attainable.

My networking this week allowed my to feel more supported at work, encouraged in my side-hustle, and closer to a dream. I’m going to sprinkle a bit more networking into my life. I mean, it’s true what they say. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

High five, Liz Lemon.

Number 3: I Paid Myself.

Lots of financial experts will tell you to “pay yourself first.”

I got that advice loud and clear from my financial advisor, still do. Since no one’s really ever broken it down to the details for me, I interpreted that to mean to prioritize yourself and not throw all your money at your debts, bills, expenses. It’s a mantra for savings, I think.

I Paid Myself With Savings

So, I set up another Capital One 360 savings account for my dream boat. I’m having $40 a month auto-deposited into that account. Even if I continued that monthly deposit for 10 years, it doesn’t even come close to the boat’s purchase price. But that DOESN’T MATTER. It’s symbolic and empowering. Should I be more wise to pay that $40 to the IRS to reduce my tax debt? Yes, probably. But I’m choosing to use that money to fund a dream. I’m prioritizing my future over the mistakes of my past.

I Paid Myself With Rewards

I also discovered a new, fun way to quite literally pay myself first. Thanks to J. Money (the rockstar of personal finance), I learned about an app called Tip Yourself. I just downloaded it. It allows you to reward yourself monetarily by facilitating quick and easy transfers into a temporary savings account called your tip jar. Maybe it’s the former waitress in me or that I firmly believe in self-reward but this sounds right down my alley.

My plan is to tip myself $10 every time I publish an original blog post. Not only is this a fun way to motivate myself, it allows my blog to become instantly profitable! (For those of you non-bloggers out there, it turns out most blogs, especially new ones, don’t make any money.) My tip jar could be re-invested to help fund future projects or maybe rolled over into my travel fund. Don’t know. Don’t care. It’s that I feel motivated, clever, and sassy that’s important.

So, that my first weekly memoir. What are the top most profitable things you did this week? Do you know your plans for next week? Does anyone know where to get a sparkly “business slut” t-shirt? 



    1. Yes, thanks for the tip. (Get it?!!) I’ve made $20 so far! Woo-hoo. Profitable life. I’m getting more than $20 worth of motivation!

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