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The 3 Most Profitable Things I Did This Week: The Lady’s Animated Memoir


Vacation takes on different purposes based on what you need at the time. This past week brought some serious reflection on my past, my present, and my future. Here are my top 3 most profitable things–vacation edition.

This past week, last Thursday to Wednesday, was spent in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While I admit I didn’t do too much in the way of personal finances, there were many things I did toward living a profitable life.

The 3 Most Profitable Things I Did This Week

June 30, 2017

This is not me.

I Rested

Upon arriving on my vacation, it took me two whole days and one blog post for my brain to stop spinning.

As a working creative professional and new personal finance blogger, it seems my brain in constant overdrive. Some people have a problem coming up with good ideas. My problem is that coming up with good ideas rarely stops. That sounds cool, right? Well, actually it is (ain’t gonna lie) but it can be exhausting. I needed a break. So I swam a lot, slept a ton. I lounged around but didn’t read much. I didn’t write much either. (Ok, ok. One little blog post about social media addiction.) I drank quite a bit. I had two massages.

But mostly, I indulged in some invaluable quality time with my 3 best friends in the world. If living a profitable life means getting back more than you put in then I have the most fucking profitable friends on the planet. They know me and accept me. They encourage and support me. They help me on my life path every damn day even though none of them live in the same town as I do. We’ve been friends for over 25 years and I anticipate many more relaxing vacations together as we continue to age with grace….and apparently gallons of Malibu rum. Seriously. I should buy stock.

If only they were blue.

I Invested

Speaking of investing, I continue to monitor the progress of my fledgling Stash balance. For a fearful and new investor, this app has really changed my mind about what investing can be. I’ve scheduled automatic deposits into the account and then decide where to invest it.

Two fun things about Stash during vacation.

First, I received an email alerting me to my first dividend award. It was only five cents but I laughed to my friends “you gotta start somewhere.” I now have nearly $200 invested.

The other cool thing was I bought into a fund nicknamed “Blue Chips” from the Cabo airport as I waited for my departing flight. I don’t why this tickles me so much. Maybe because I can say “I purchased some blue chips in Mexico” and not mean the kind you eat with guacamole.

Oh, I know you do.

I Soul-Searched

Without getting too far into the nitty gritty of my love life, I’ll just say that being a 47-year old divorced woman looking for love can be challenging. I spent some time pondering love, romance, compatibility, sex, companionship, and all the other stuff that is associated with finding a true life partner. How is this profitable, you ask? Well, I hope to one day find a partner that is exciting, encouraging, and helps make me happy. (Ambitious writers preferred.)

Did I come to any big conclusions after all of my soul searching? Ummm, no. (Didn’t you read the bit above about the rum?) But I did agree to give myself a break. My heart is still attached somewhere and I’m working on other priorities right now. Plus, they say not to chase love, to let it find you. (Personally, I think this is BS but just in case I’ll hang out and keep making me happy.)


A profitable life isn’t all about money. It’s about finding your groove; the groove in life where you are content and things just seem to fall into place. It was nice to get away and not feel like I was escaping my life. And truthfully, I was completely fine returning to my life after six days in paradise.

Upon my arrival home, I had someone ask me if “I got my groove back” while on vacation. My response; “I didn’t know it was missing.”





  1. Love the info on resting. It’s so true that sometimes there’s no greater return that just relaxing!

  2. LitB, sounds like the kind of profitable week that anyone would like to have. I’m a little bit jelly right now.

    1. Thanks, sweetie. It was a good mental break and a trip of a lifetime for sure. So…how do I buy you that beer? Looks like you might be celebrating record-breaking traffic this month. Does Amazon deliver beer?

  3. Hey, resting is important! I pushed myself too hard in the past (work, working out), and I injured my back a month ago. I’ve pretty much been lying around at home and recovering. That’s productivity gone down the drain

  4. Sounds like you had a great week away : ) Congrats on the dividends! That’s so exciting!

    I agree on the soul-searching part; I’m waiting for some organic love to happen, but I flip-flop between being impatient, and knowing it’s gonna happen when it happens. So hard!

    1. Ugh. The whole “it happens when it’s meant to happen” is BS. I hate when people say that. It happens when you get out there, date and make it happen!

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