saving money with open-box deals

Open-box Deals: Yay or Nay?


While I don’t enjoy the sport of shopping, I do enjoy saving money when shopping is a necessity.¬†Without getting into it too much, how comfortable are you with open-box deals? Are you cool with used or refurbished items?

How about when it comes to electronics or SmartPhones?

I’m currently in the market for a new phone and computer. Big ticket items in this day and age and it’s a bit overwhelming. Any thoughts, suggestions, go-to resources for good deals?¬†Please share in comments.

In the spirit of sharing, here is my personal track record on electronic and small appliance purchases.

  • Computer printer – new, in store
  • Big-screen TV – refurbished, online
  • iPhone 4s – new (yes, it’s time for an upgrade), online
  • Dell laptop – leased new then bought (yes, it’s time for an upgrade), online
  • Kindle Fire – new, online
  • Microwave – used, bought off of FaceBook garage sale page
  • Coffee makers – new, in store
  • Toaster – new, in store
  • My computer monitor, blender, breakfast sandwich maker, curling iron, and hair dryer were either second-hand or gifts from friends.

Are open-box deals worth the cost savings? Why is “new” so important to some and not to others? Is it foolish to pay retail prices?


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