The Lady in the Black is a personal finance blog for women. Women have unique perspectives on life, including how to manage personal finances, get out of debt, and save for the future.

We hope to inspire and empower women to pursue a profitable life. A profitable life is one filled with joy and love and laughter. A profitable life is one where dreams become reality. A profitable life is one where you feel both free and secure at the same time.

Living in the red is exhausting. It’s time to be a lady in the black.

Living a Profitable Life

Life is full of give and take, cause and effect, effort and reward, investment and return. A profitable life is a philosophy that life can provide you higher returns on your investment. While personal finances and money management are included in the process, they are only a contributing aspect to a profitable life. Quite simply, a profitable life is one where you believe you are getting more out of life than you are putting in.

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Meet The Lady

Erica Henkel, or The Lady in the Black, is a divorced, single mom on a journey of personal development and financial growth.February of 2016 was a real eye-opener and a true rock-bottom. After losing her full-time employment, she found herself with no savings, no car, no money, no home, and no plan for the future. Since that time, she has dedicated herself to eliminating over $60,000 in debt, rebuilding her life, and planning for her future. She was inspired to start The Lady in the Black as a way to lend the power of her strength (writing) to her weakness (personal finances.) Erica also had hopes that her story might help empower other women to embrace their finances as a way to achieve their life’s dreams.

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