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Ready to Tackle Your Finances? Start With A Positive Attitude Toward Money


I’ve spent a good chunk of my life either hating money or fearful of it. I never had a positive attitude toward money, probably because most of my financial experiences were negative and painful.  But there comes a time in a woman’s life when she looks around and either sees rock bottom or the dissolution of her dreams. Whatever it is that brought you here, it’s admirable that you want a change.

Everyone’s financial goals are different, like fingerprints. I get it. However, I can’t imagine that anyone’s true goal is to have money for money’s sake. Most people desire money to help them live their lives the way the want. Perhaps more altruistically inclined people desire money to help others. Some simply enjoy the sense of stability and security having money in the bank can bring. I’m sure there are other reasons people want money that I haven’t even thought of…most because, I have rarely had a positive attitude toward money. But that’s another story. Let’s focus on goals.

Adopt A Healthier, More Positive Attitude Toward Money

The things that came to me initially when I decided to take control of my personal finances were practical in nature. For example, “pay off debt”, “start saving”, “don’t have my accounted levied”, etc. However, I realized those were the very same goals that I’ve had for over two decades and have yet to achieve successfully. Something had to change at square one.

Coincidentally, I also was inspired by my recent attempts to help my daughter achieve better grades in school. Her lack of academic success stemmed not from a lack of competency but from her stress and anxiety around homework and testing. As a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, we came up with daily homework reward chart had three-columns (Complete Homework, Stay Relaxed, Be Positive). When I really looked at the chart, it struck me. I was a hypocrite. Not only could I not complete any personal finance tasks, I also got freaked out just thinking about them. In short, my attitude toward money sucked.

For my own version of a “star chart,” I plan on developing what I’m currently calling a Monthly CheckUp. I’m imagining a “dashboard”-type view of my various financial health metrics (credit score, net worth, account balances, etc.). It will also feature a happiness score by on my homemade financial happiness assessment tool.

The point is that I want to keep close tabs on my own happiness. I don’t care about money for money’s sake. I want to achieve a healthy, positive relationship with my personal finances that leaves me feeling smart, savvy and secure. I want a profitable life.

What’s your current attitude about money? Is it the root of all evil? Is it an abstract that floats randomly in and out of your life? It is something that you control and own and make work for you? Has your attitudes about money changed over time?

Share your attitudes on and about money. I’d love to hear them!


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