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The Lady’s Top 10 Rules for Online Dating


This blog primarily deals with financial topics in an effort to live a more profitable life. However, the most important aspect of a profitable life, in my opinion, is love. Love for family and friends, yes. Love for yourself, absolutely. But especially romantic love with a loving, compatible partner.

As a divorced, single mom trying to find love in her 40s, I wish potential partners just miraculously appeared. But they don’t. Hence, the need for online dating.

I’ll admit I have in engaged in online dating, off and on. In fact, I’m proud of that fact. It shows confidence and a willingness to put myself out there to get what I want. As a Lady hoping to inspire and entertain, I thought I’d share my personal rules for online dating.

Of course, everyone should set their own boundaries because, it truly does gets weird out there.

NOTE: The Lady is an LGBT advocate. These rules are written from my personal experience as a heterosexual female but I imagine they may apply to online dating for any sexual orientation or preference.  

The Lady’s Top 10 Rules for Online Dating

10. Start positive. Stay positive. Go into online dating with a positive attitude! Millions of people find their “match” online. If you are bitter or sarcastic, you come off as….well, bitter and sarcastic.

9. Don’t waste time. Try to get to the first live date within one week of starting any “chats.” It’s tempting to hide behind texting and online chats but it’s not really productive. In-person is really the only way to know if there is true interest and potential.

8. Look for common interests. If the guy is holding a fish in his profile picture, skip him….well, unless you are REALLY into fishing yourself. Similarly, if the guy is sitting on a Harley, snowmobile, quad, etc., skip him unless you have your own similar vehicle or don’t mind “riding bitch” or bugs in your teeth.

7. Skip stupidity. If the guy has a poster of a naked chick on the wall in the background of this profile picture, skip him….then laugh your ass off, then tell the guy you are currently chatting with all about it, then go back and write DB a note of advice to seriously consider a new profile photo if he’s serious about “getting any.” (Yes, this happened.)

6. Start with words. If the guy introduces himself with a “wink” or a message that says “you’re pretty”, skip him. I mean, would you run up to the guy at the bar that winked at you or the construction worker that whistled at you? No. No, you would not. If you introduce yourself, write a nice and neutral greeting that references something from his profile.

5. Be safe. DON’T give your phone number to anyone until AFTER the first live date. And don’t text them on their phone unless you block your number. Trust me. Getting woken up at 1am to receive a picture of a penis is not pleasant. Funny, but not pleasant.

4. Insist on friends. If the guy’s only photo is a “selfie,” skip him. I mean, seriously! If he doesn’t have at least one friend who can take a nice photo for him in order to find a quality woman, he probably doesn’t have one friend he trusts. And, I’m not interested in men with no friends. Sorry, Charlie.

3. Money isn’t everything, but it’s something. If the guy is sitting in a sweet-ass boat, say Hi immediately and tell him how great you look in a bikini. Throw in words like “bow” and “stern” and “anchor” in subtly suggestive ways. For example, “oh, that’s funny. One time I was throwing the anchor off the bow of my girlfriend’s SeaRay and my top flew right off.” (What? It would totally work!)

2. Be ready and available. If you decide to date, be emotionally available. Ensure you have available time as well.

1.  Act like a Lady. Be as polite, compassionate, and non-judgmental as you can. These are just other human beings looking for love (or sex, or companionship, or whatever) and deserve some respect for putting themselves out there.

There are lots of rules for dating! What are your rules for online dating? Anything you do to ensure dating success? Any funny stories to share? 


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