Starting A Business With Your Hair On Fire? Slow the F#CK Down.


Life is busy. It is busier when starting a business. It is positively chaotic when you decide to be an entrepreneur in a rush to make money.

I’ve recently ran into this problem myself. In an effort to convert and monetize this blog, I’ve had to teach myself a ridiculous amount of software programs. I won’t go into details (write me if you want details) but it’s safe to say my work hours have been long. My brain is literally fried with some much new knowledge. But that’s not really the problem. The problem is that I forgot one little thing….my plan.

Of course, I’ll caveat this to say that a plan won’t solve everything because, in the real world, you can’t know what you don’t know. In other words, sometimes you really do need to just in and figure it out. However, a basic roadmap is a good idea for any journey with a destination. And if your destination is a profitable life then a plan is a must-have. (Don’t freak out. A formal business plan is not required unless you plan to get partners, banks, or investors involved.) A business plan could be as simple as a prioritized checklist.

Not knowing your own plans for a profitable life, whether its starting a business or retiring early or traveling the world, here are a few tips to remember as you move down your own path.


Most goals have a logical sequence of tactics that need to be accomplished before moving onto the next. You can be chasing multiple goals that intersect but each has a string of steps to take. Spend some quality time trying to dissect those steps and which sequence they need to be arranged. Then try like the dickens to stay on course. Fair warning: temptations and distractions abound.


Chasing your dreams is an investment in time and energy. Be careful not too get too swallowed up in the promise of a better future that your forget to enjoy how great today is. I recently forced myself to schedule lunch dates so I could give myself (and my brain) a break. Some level of stress is healthy in pursuing new endeavors. However, if that stress feels more like frustration than enthusiasm, you might need to strike a better balance.


I know. If you have a new vision of yourself, your finances, your life, you are excited and want to race toward it. However, it was my 9-year old daughter that reminded me that “you should take your time so you can get the answers right.” She’s right. I recently described my new business endeavor as a roller coaster ride. I mean, I like screaming rides on roller coasters. But I also like quiet walks in the woods. The pace you want your life to go is entirely up to you.

 Do you have any “hair on fire” stories to share? How do you reset yourself when you get off course? When do you know you need a break? Comment below to share your story.



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