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Talking To Your Kids About Money: Kids Talk Take 1


So many of us never received an education about money management–and knowing how to talk to your kids about money can be confusing. But talking to your kids about money sets a foundation for financial literacy that lasts a lifetime. I decided interview to my own kid about her understanding of and perspectives on money. Her answers are priceless.

Before I launch into the interview, I want to preface by saying that this idea was born from the fact that my daughter assisted me with my recent post about the basics of financial organization. She also informed me yesterday that she was essentially promoting my blog to her friends on the playground; encouraging them to tell their moms about The Lady in the Black. (That’s my little marketer!) My daughter is 9 years old. She splits her time equally between her mom and her dad (alternating two-week schedule.) She’s an only child with “older” parents. Her vocabulary has always been impressive and she shows artistic tendencies with her passion for drawing and art. I know all moms think their kids are amazing–but, in her case, I know I’m right.

We spent about 30 minutes putting this together. It’s completely unscripted, off-the-cuff and her responses are transcribed word for word.

This talking to your kids about money thing is a kick. I encourage you to give it a shot.

Talking To  Your Kids About Money: An Interview with a 9-year Old Girl

How important is money to you in your life?

I think it’s pretty important. We could do without it but it would just be difficult.

If everything was free in the Universe, everyone would be fighting over one thing. With money, everything is even. If someone doesn’t have enough money to buy a Christmas tree, for example, and another person has a lot of money, the person that has more money gets the tree.

But what I don’t like is that some people don’t have money at all and live on the streets. Some people are not willing to share their money with these people. Some people are too greedy.

If I had $100, for example, I would buy some toys and maybe make a backpack with tissues, hand sanitizer, and soap and give it to a homeless person who needed it.

Do you know what profit is?


Do you know what interest is?

Sort of. It’s how much you spend, I think. Or like a check. But I’m not so sure. I’m only 9.

When mommy and daddy get old and you are an adult, do you think you should have to pay money to take care of them?

I think they should be a little responsible and pay for their food. I would pay for their car rents and maybe someone to take care of them. I kind of think it’s strange a 38-year old is still living with their parents. They should be able to get their own place. They are 38. Duh!

How much money do you think would be necessary to make us rich?

It depends. If some person only has $2 and another person has $50, for the person with $2, for them they probably think that $50 is enough for them to go out to eat and all that. The person with $50, for them to be rich (they are close to $100 but that wouldn’t make them rich), they would need about $200 to be rich. Because the person with $50 has more than the person with $2.

Can you be rich without money?

Yes, actually you can. You can be rich by having friends and family that support you through life. Love gets you through the way.

Are you rich?

Huh. Let’s think back to my piggy bank. I’m guessing I have $22. So, I guess for a kid, not so rich.

Kids think you have to have $100 to be rich.

For grown-ups, they need about $2,000. That’s a lot. And I think that will get you through life; eating, car, home. Kids only need a little bit of money because they don’t need to pay for groceries because they have moms and dads to take care of them. Remember, if you disagree with me, that’s OK because I’m a 9-year old.

Do you know what job you want when you grow up?

Well, I can’t tell the future. But I know the one I want. I think I want a job that involves animals, like a zookeeper or caretaker or maybe a person that works in a animal shelter. The only reason I choose this is that I find it nice and relaxing to be around animals and have a good connection with them.

Do zookeepers make a lot of money?

Not necessarily but it’s worth it for the job I want because some people want to be a lifeguard. But they end up giving massages on people’s backs so they can make more money. What they don’t necessarily understand is that if you want to be happy working through your day, you should get the job that you want. Because if you are rubbing people’s backs, you might not be so happy.

How does you mom make money?

I prefer not to talk about that. I have no reasons but she has a pretty good job.

Does your mommy love you?

Oh, yes so much. I’m not even sure how much but I know it is more than I can imagine.

If your mom is The Lady in the Black, what does that make you?

The Kid in the Black!

What about you? How are you talking to your kids about money? Did your parents talk to you about money? What did they say? Oh, apologies to any massage therapists out there! Eeep.



  1. Your daughter is the most precious person ever. I absolutely love and adore <33 It sounds like she has a really good handle on the fundamentals of money. What it's for, how important it is, how to get it, etc. And I loved her answer on the relativity of money – $50 to one person isn't the same as that $50 for another.

    My parents introduced me to money when I was about 5 – I have a post on it! My Mum gave my brother and I an instalment loan for a gameboy we wanted, and it was probably one of the best things she could've done for us!

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