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The 3 Most Profitable Things: The Lady’s Weekly Memoir


The weeks are slipping away from me; like sands through the hour glass. This is The Lady’s hastily slammed together memoir of a week that wasn’t so great. I’ll chalk it up to a “baby steps”-kinda week.

The 3 Most Profitable Things I Did This Week

Week Ending September 29, 2017

Just. Hold. On.

Applied for a Car Loan Refinance

I did it. I finally pulled the refi trigger–and it may have been a tad premature.

My current auto loan is at a ridiculously high rate. While I was able to tolerate it for a while (I was so grateful to get a car after going over a year without one), but now the interest rate bugs the hell out of me. It’s slowly sucking financial resources I could be allocating elsewhere.

I applied for a car loan refinance through my beloved credit union. I received a follow-up email requesting some documentation on the charge-off debt on my credit report. I was able to dismiss/address 95% of it. Yay. But the 5% might trip me up. Fuck.

This news was surprisingly crushing to me. Quite honestly, it threw me into a bit of a depression. My thoughts spun somewhere in the “despite all my efforts, my finances are still a mess” vicinity. Fortunately, the down-turn into defeatism didn’t last too long. However, I will admit even days later I have yet to address the remaining 5% of financial mess preventing my refinance.

Sigh. Emotions and money. A little too intertwined over here at The Lady’s house.


Asked for Help

Ever have the thought that some people come into your life for a very specific reason? Some times it is for their benefit, others times for yours. Hopefully, it’s a mutually beneficial give-and-take of helpfulness.

Since my divorce, I’ve dated a number of helpful men. In hindsight, it’s pretty clear why they came into my life. It’s rare, however, to see the benefit while you are actively in a dating relationship.

For example, my first relationship after my divorce was with man who worked for the state tax department. Being a woman with a huge tax debt mess, I originally found dating a tax guy embarrassing and, yes, ironic. However, even though we now live 3,000 miles apart, he’s still a great friend and go-to resource for many of my tax-related questions and issues.

My current beau is proving helpful in his own way. He makes his income from….wait for it….options trading. Yup. Somehow I ended up in the lap of a guy who can teach me all about investing. When we met over a year ago, I had no interest in investing but now that I’ve started investing, I’m hungry for knowledge.

Sooooooo I recently proposed….a business arrangement to him.

While our negotiations are still pending, the crux of the proposal is this: I give him money to invest on my behalf. He makes the trades while teaching me all the ins and outs. We split any profit.

While the financial profit is not guaranteed, the educational gains are.

In short, my boyfriend is going to teach me more about investing and trading. Asking a friend for help is not rocket science but it’s pretty darn profitable of me, don’t you think?

Plus, he’s really cute when he gets all excited about trading.

Top Gun, baby.

Turn and Burn

Deep breath. As I type, I don’t have enough money in my checking account to cover the rent.

What?!?!? I know. It sucks….badly.

As a freelancer, my income is wholly dependent of the amount of hours I can invoice my client. The last two weeks have been SLOW. Couple that with some excess spending (emergency preparedness kit) and VOILA! A significant hiccup in my automated system of bill payments and savings deposits.

This fact also through me into an emotional tailspin. I tried pulling up, reassuring myself that I could use some of my emergency fund and even my estimated tax savings, if necessary. But sure enough, my mood flat-spinned and crashed. For the first time in years, I drank to the point of a hangover. (Not good coping technique, I admit.)

Am I bugging out of this financial independence dog fight? Fuck no.

I’m pulling up my Top Gun panties and jumping back behind the controls. I quickly restored my faith in myself, my income, and my progress. I’ll be transferring funds. I’ll also be chasing some extra income opportunities. I’ve prioritized bulking up my emergency fund.

Freelancing is quite the wild, G-force-sucking ride. The instability/insecurity isn’t for everyone. But equipped with my nifty emergency fund parachute, it’s a fine life for me full of schedule flexibility and a non-panty-hose-wearing wardrobe.

Sure, I will continue to make financial mistakes tut if you told me 18 months ago that I’d even HAVE an emergency fund to rely on, or money in the market, I’d have called you a silly Goose.

I might still fly a bit reckless but, what can I say, I just loving buzzin’ that tower.

How was your week? What are your top 3 profitable things? 



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