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Uber Income: A Credible Way to Supplement Your Salary?


I thought about it earlier this year when I found myself on my financial ass. But yesterday, I actually did it. I signed up to be a driver with Uber. And today, I did some preliminary research and some conservative revenue planning. All I can say is Uber Sh!t, Batman! Uber income could be just the ticket.

I found some very interesting statistics (that I haven’t fact checked but will assume some validity.)

It’s tough to get a handle on how much Uber drivers make but based on my personal interviews of many Uber drivers, it seems that it’s a viable way to supplement your income. The people I talked to who are using it as their sole income admit they drive long hours, know the “tricks” for getting more riders, and understand peak hours and hot spots. I definitely fall into the first camp.

 7 Reasons I’m Considering Uber Income

  1. Being my own boss sounds great. Work can be when I have time and inclination.
  2. The supplemental income will be very helpful.
  3. I lived without a car for nearly a year. It will be nice for me to help others in similar situations. I was once “rescued” from a bad date by a cute and compassionate Uber driver and think it would be fun to be someone else’s Uber-Hero.
  4. It’s a green thing. I live in Los Angeles county and I am a staunch advocate for any effort that reduces air pollution and traffic.
  5. All this diverse human reaction will be fodder for this blog and future projects.
  6. I’ll likely see new areas, neighborhoods, and learn my way around town a bit better.
  7. Quite simply, I like to drive.

So far signing up is easy. The next step is getting Itsy (my Prius) inspected. My revenue goals are modest. I hope to earn enough to cover my monthly car payment ($272) and additional gas expenses incurred. So, making some grand assumptions, I’ll aim for $300 per month. At an average $10 a ride, that’s 30 trips. I wouldn’t want to drive more than 6 days a month. I’ll need about 5 trips for each of those 6 days. Seems reasonable, right?


We will see. I’ll keep you posted!Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 8.46.25 AM


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