The Lady in the Black

What is a Profitable Life?

The Lady in the Black often talks to living a “profitable life.” It is at the core of everything she writes about. As she continues to formulate a more detailed description of what a profitable life is and how to pursue one, she offers a short list of frequently asked questions.

What is a Profitable Life?

Life is full of give and take, cause and effect, effort and reward, investment and return. A profitable life is a philosophy that life can provide you higher returns on your investment. While personal finances and money management are included in the process, they are only a contributing aspect to a profitable life. Quite simply, a profitable life is one where you believe you are getting more out of life than you are putting in.

What does a Profitable Life look like?

There’s no one version of a profitable life. It’s an extremely personal and individualized thing. Across all profitable lives is the knowledge that life is returning more than the initial investment. Some examples include financial security and prosperity, emotional satisfaction, spiritual contentment, physical pleasure, romantic joy.

How do I get a Profitable Life?

You might be living one right now! Do you feel like your life is providing you more than you put in? If yes, that’s wonderful. If no, that’s ok. There are ways to get started on your journey. it’s a profitable life. A profitable life lives simultaneously in the present and the future.

What are the steps toward a Profitable Life?

Living a profitable life is both a process and a goal. While we call them steps, these 5 action items can be linear steps for those starting out or as pillars for those already on their journey. The 5 steps are Forgive, Imagine, Organize, Appreciate and Persevere.

Is a profitable life just for women?

No! Absolutely not. However the current focus is on communicating the philosophy to women. Building a community of strong women advocates is the best way the Lady knows to spread the word.

Does the name The Lady in the Black mean a woman who is debt-free or a woman living a profitable life?

Both. Her journey started with tackling her debt and personal finances but evolved into something larger and more encompassing.

What makes The Lady in the Black an expert on how to live a profitable life?

Nothing. She’s not an expert. She’s a woman navigating her own life journey. Somewhere along the way, she decided to share her experiences and beliefs with the heartfelt hope that it may help others.

Is there a book or online course available?

No, not yet. Those things are planned for the near future but for now The Lady in the Black is continuing her own journey. There is work to be done before a full-blown offering is available.